Sunday, August 14, 2011

INTRO (Home Page)


It's been over 5 years since I released this CD and this introduction to the lyrics page can now serve as a retrospective. This was my first album and I knew so much less than I do now about so many things. Primarily, I wasn't going to many protests and events related to social justice, and I didn't know there were so many other underground political rappers like myself out there in the world! It's laughable now to me, but at the time I thought I was like the only one still doing what I was doing! I was inspired by Public Enemy, KRS 1, Dead Prez, and other famous conscious rap artists I heard growing up, but at the time I wasn't aware of the independent scene, which I now know is often where the best music is, especially in regards to underground and political hip hop.

While I am proud of my musical ability and many aspects of this project, I am not proud of the overall studio production. This is because this album was recorded in an inferior studio in Philly with two crazy guys. The one who did the mastering insisted he knew what he was doing and evidently he did not. The 3 albums I did after this one were recorded in a true professional studio in Blackwood, NJ with an engineer who is an expert in his field. I would never go back to that studio in Philly, and I think their lack of skills with production make the lyrics on this one hard to understand at times, which is why I think it's especially important to provide the lyrics here at this site. On this CD I was doing things I no longer do like using quasi curse words ("buck" for the F word and "ish" for the S word). On my 3rd and 4th albums I found better and more direct ways to express myself.

I had a good understanding of politics and fighting injustice back then but I have evolved so much since. My evolution politically can be seen on subsequent projects when comparing them with this one.

The only song I would re-do or just not release in retrospect is Now. I am proud of what I said (even if I could do a better job with the subject now) but the flow was too laid back and complacent and should have been more aggressive and on point. I did have a large amount of yes men and women around me at the time gassing my head up with nonsense about my impending fame and their unconditional support, and this could have had something to do with it. It's a shame but I admit I now tend to regard most of what people say as just talk.

Despite these shortcomings, there is so much I still love about this project. I am proud that I espoused many critical ideas/messages like taxing the rich, that we're all one human race, that we need to unify to fight the prevalent racism that still exists, the inequality in schools, inequality between rich and poor, class war, double standards, fighting ignorance in hip hop and generally, not objectifying women, first putting yourself in the shoes of people you want to ridicule, and general consciousness, empathy, and compassion. Of course there is also quite a bit of questioning authority and this is the foundation of the search for truth and justice.

I was also proud of how I attacked racism and hypocrisy on immigration and in general on F BushThe Anti N Word, and Karma, and of all the important ideas and concepts on One Race. I still really enjoy the content and the way the flow bounces with the sound effects and back and forth dynamics on I Know. The song Karma is one I thought came together especially magnificently. The way the flow and beat came together is epic to me. I recall this was one of the few (if not the only) songs that I recorded in one take. I felt like that beat was made for me, and it strongly reminded me of a beat from an old movie I love called Big Trouble in Little China.

I'm also still really proud of bringing together independent, political rappers from three different countries for the monster collaboration song Its Time (Remix). I loved how it all came together and thought it was really powerful, especially T.O.'s verse.

To this day I'm immensely proud of the song Rhymes Anonymous. The whole song is a metaphor and it's intentionally eccentric sounding to go with the theme of a person dealing with addiction (in this case to writing rhymes). I wrote this song during a period where I couldn't sleep because I was writing rhymes all night and it felt like I couldn't stop. It was an exciting time. The metaphors within the overall metaphor were impressive as well, and I'm happy I still got a strong line or two about equality in there as well.

I think I showed versatility on this album by doing a love song and by conceptualizing some hilarious skits called Live from the Street, which satirized the state of hip hop and society. While doing those skits in the studio our heads hurt a lot from laughing so much.

I'll end the way the album ends by reminiscing on the final track (listed as the 2nd bonus track) the Its Time (Storm Remix) which was produced by Silent NRG. I can't say enough about how impressed I am with what NRG did on this one. He showed true mastery of production and DJ techniques and topped it off by going out in a severe thunder and lightning storm with a microphone to get the authentic thunder sound..


Tha Truth

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Truth Intro

This intro was done by DJ Filthy Rich (R.I.P.). This is a very brief clip taken from the Its Time (Club Mix) he did. I put the entire version of it on my Tha Civil Rights Movement Part II album, which came out after this one. Before he died we spoke of our mutual love for the art of DJ techniques in hip hop and this is just a clip/sample of his skills. From my song Its Time he took the lines "Let's get it right I'll excite the type light up a fire," and "I'm reppin for the truth this is proof," and fused it together to sound something like: Get it right I'm Tha Truth - Get it right - Tha Truth - Get it - Get it. He actually turned it into a couple of different types of messages from my original intent and I thought it sounded spectacular.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Fans in the UK want downloads to play me - Truth in the streets 'cross seas - the youth need - time to lay the seed - rhyme - Truth against greed - mind boosts send teams of words at these herds (echo) shake up the masses - government need glasses (not seein clearly) - they miss facts and need to get back in classes (humanities/civics/ethnic relations/ethics) - I studied for a masters (sociology) - I rap more and faster 'cause it's too many starvin - I'm conscious - it's alarmin - they watch this it's harmin - not doin nothin - see playin this CD's a way that you can do somethin - call 'em on their bluffin - the media lofts softballs - their questions is compliments - stop the applause (echo) - start questionin the laws - unrest we don't pause - gotta stretch out like paws - gotta get a new clause - cite and rewrite the bills - my writings like a pill - from The Matrix - take it make fate get a chill

Here comes the impact - they numb to the facts - I run - get the ax - words cut and never lax - they tellin me Tha Truth got melody like a sax - I'ma use this to move this - world and how it acts

I'ma bring it up again - my thing with the pen - too many in the pen(itentiary) - to many meet the end - too many die ignored - once again I implore - we need to look at Darfur - the crooks there is more - troops out bombin - Vietnamin' the wrong war - ignorin Africa - the US bleed greed traffickers - leaders locked in Attica    - that'd be spectacular - I'm the most dramatica rhyme wreck and batter the opposition to me - don't stop you keep givin me - ammunition for my mic - that's right - locked and loaded - anything you say held against you and noted - court of opinions - bring me your dominions - too many is imprisoned in - the mergers got us swimmin in crazy monopolies - competition they is squashing these - my thoughts beg you to hear me - see it real clearly - feel me on the mic 'cause I write unlike my peers be

Conscious what I'm doin - in the struggle we is losing - you CEOs - I got bars (double meaning) I want you in - the corporate the criminals - they relaxed like its subliminal - me I get hyped on site - ready to riot - put me in jail and still fail to keep me quiet - I wanna move the world (echo) - this my chance to try it - the words that I speak from the street here to greet - got my eyes wide open - they try and hide cloning - when I get enough loot - I'll buy homeless homes and this ain't no joke - what I write is how I be - askin all world leaders to leave town for me - all of y'all is corrupt - this is what the masses need - my words cut like glass and touch the class of greed - though it's no classes except the ones we be teaching - first lesson stop frontin (lying) 'bout the oil you is seekin (major echo) - it goes real deep and I'm a Natural Disaster - 'cause I'll save you from a deacon or a pastor - it's too much cash leakin in the rich pockets - it's time to stop this - a hundred thou(sand) given to the rich at the Oscars - I throw tomatoes at the screen and scream - Yo Natural - hold up man - nah nah - tell 'em - tell 'em - nah get out my way 'cause yo - time for me to rock this - my words go out across the world - my mouth the cockpit - I'm a street prophet and the truth I unlock it - it's real clear -  this they don't want you to hear - but it's burnin in my soul so I have to take action - play this we may get a real great reaction - I'm movin with a faction sayin *buck* how they taxing - tax up the rich and switch the way they is acting - if they don't rap like this - I'm not checkin (caring) for ya - the world's much bigger than what's on your corner - it's never too late - I take a stand to reform ya - understand I'm a man with plans to transform ya - a diagrammed warrior (fighting ignorance)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My mind's like a horse in fright - I feel my mind's forced to write - I'll probably be in LPs that be six songs tight - I feel it's wrong to slight - T - R - U - T - H - I hate the way studios act like they too busy or too great - thats why you see LPs now and how the album comin late - when it come to dumb studio time - yeah I hate (echo) I guess they bate who I despise - unwise - who wanna rise - guess I could be - should - be unsurprised - like most other lives - they won't wanna be smothered in truth - they prefer bein (echo) covered in lies (echo) so now it's you that's in my bars - I wanted you to act better - you coulda helped make the album they touting the new rap that's better (echo) the fact trend setter - the tracks acts I capture better - attack - catch your cheddar ($) give it to cats that need it better - you ain't wanna call me back - now you miss out - it's karma - I told you to your face it's not me - wait fate'll harm ya

Karma got us all you might think it don't your wrong - wait a few years it'll sear you like a prong - I been through so much sh** - I been waitin for too long - now you gonna feel my pain as I drain it in my song

People worried about their hair not concerned with world affairs - people bald with cancer - you want answered who won (American) Idol? - I give a *buck* who won the title - you all sheep (followers) - I'm like a rifle - I blast facts at your melon (head) - yeah I'm tellin' while you sellin - I'm a felon - while you dwelling with wolves in sheeps clothing (politicians) - while you posing - I'm upholdin - real woven truth that's holdin - I'm a criminal - breakin the laws of raps you cloning - and while you worried about your hair - I dare to care about cancer - you could regrow your stupid hair - but they're in doubt and have no answer - I used to hate karma - harm a guy for no apparent (reason) - but now I see my arms is rampant - this muscle man it's transparent - and think about the days where kids abused me like my parents - but now karma got me amped kid - bring harm you get stamped kid - I'm a non violent pacifist - but karma could still get ya even seein how I handle *ish* if forced into a corner - 'cause I got a lotta love but I'm human so I'm warnin ya

By the way I was drivin - glidin - ridin down the highway - seen this bumper sticker - picture the sign the time of day - it said, "Welcome to America - Now learn to speak English." Me and C we finished (upset) with *ish* we quick to pull - this prick think ignorant like a bullfighter (echo) - C full of flames like a lighter - she bright with brain like a fighter (trained pugilist) - we say, "Hey fool, You need to learn Native languages 'cause the English stole this land and never repaid the damages." - So that bumper sticker and shove it up your (*edited*) - and know you slow and grow ignorant ones you know who grow around you they bound to agree 'cause most can't take confrontation - but Tha Truth is a master who bring disasters that you facin - they say the truth hurts - they say ignorance is bliss - so your money's anesthesia (for the rich) though reality is missed - but do it ($) really make you happy? - or happy with how they jealous? - 'cause see I'd rather get love than hate for bein overzealous - and they don't love you - if they wasn't caught they'd probably rob ya - and think you a greedy snob and plot on how to conquer ya - me - I'm a monster - An open minded - no blinded - go find it - it's time - I throw timeless fineness - lines and bars is no concern - I throw truth I grow and learn - I burn with questions - answers - dancers trance and turn - physically and mentally - eventually I'll grab ya - you can run from the facts but the truth (double meaning) and karma have ya

OUTRO: Haka on the beats (producer Haka from the UK)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who's the Master

The intro and song are all a metaphor and spoof of the 80's movie The Last Dragon starring Taimak and Vanity. The song and intro takes some of the concepts from the film and uses it as a metaphor for ignorant rap music v.s. conscious/political hip hop music.

They rewinding my rhymes like watchin the Sixth Sense (movie) - gotta stop it's intense - then watch the raps drop - shock and invent - sent fame wouldn't change me - like Jamie Foxx baby - I'm prepared - I know they scared 'cause I tell it like it is - bring truth on the mic - for the kids for the grown - an unknown disaster - it's Natural it's me boy - like Bruce LeRoy - watch it's comin faster - ruthless - Tha Truth kid - studied under masters - I uncover pastors - bring thunder out the rafters - it's a whole legion of us waitin in the wings - ready to roll - word is born - we come on ready to spring - it's time to bloom - rhymes kaboom! in this thing - don't test the left wing - straight doin new things (echo) Relentless - Truth - brings - Natural Disasters - Non Conformists formed we sworn to be the masters - molds you can't plaster

You now dealin with some masters you don't want to come after - our wit hit faster - put away your plaster - we breakin the mold - it's time to find a new caster - we seen what they do - aligned a crew of true masters

All these rappers talkin 'bout they the best? (echo) but they claims remain lame just the same as the rest - on a test they would fail - though 'hoods on the scale - don't change - you (rappers) make change - but not the kind that matter - you need to change up your batter - come with a different mix - all these ignorant hits - at first I got bitter - now deliver these spits (raps) - keep littering for chips ($) - while I master this bit - we come faster after it - it's been told - we see and break the mold - you can't plaster it - you simply can't change if your mind stay the same - can't get a degree if you stand where you remain - cant stop bein bland if you branded like a stain - I catch rec (do it well) and explain - too many lost and they lame - took a minute - came back - the facts frame - I reign raps - take a break from time to time - so I can shape line for line - take it in for your mind - I drop it don't stop - fallin' rock - watch the signs - you can't be surprised - one of the first rappers who see times with both eyes - see right through your lies

If you don't recognize your self (echo) than who will? (echo) raps been infected my facts the new pill - dropin this - rockin this - lockin this flow - ask LeRoy - (echo) like him I rock the glow - they said, "You're a rapper."  I said, "They won't hear me. My politics, brain, name - they don't endear me." I didn't look into my soul, but now I did so watch this - you now dealin with a man with the power to stop fists (violence) - and change the whole (rap) industry back to what it was - 'bout the music not the plugs for corporations love - they made rap so bad I had to lace up my gloves - words is nuclear powered I shower from above - not conceited but got heated from hearin' you (ignorance) for years - I see these kids buyin you - my soul cried true with tears - and in 2006 I unleashed my inner beast - lyrically backed into a corner - now rap back a warrior

Rhymes Anonymous

So hyped I can't sleep - ingest sedatives at night - hocus pocus the way I wrote this stay focused on my magic - flows (rhyme patterns) go in my brain - became stained it's a habit - no bull - I pull hits outta my hat like a rabbit - for these beats I get rabid like please I gotta have it - if not I'd be forced to take a course in computers - to form that HTML format maneuvers (to flow online) - rappers shoot lukewarm - worn they need tutors - I'm extroverted - flow flows like it's cursive - moves smooth like a surface - for clues you need to search this - won't lose - I cruise fueled by fire like a furnace - I could burst - gotta quench (my desire) - to vent (rhymes) is what my thirst is - I gotta research this - find a diagnosis - pine to rhyme - fine lines describe my psychosis - I'm itchin feel it slippin if I can't spill the written - rap's my pill - I'm back ill - gotta fill my prescription

Rappers try to make it they don't know what they doin though - right now (echo) my favorite place in the world is the studio - creativity possess - I dress my thoughts they attest - at best I got a small addiction - check how I be ripping

It's time you heard of me I murder adversity - verbally I throw flows so ripe like tomatoes - they don't be comin right - I'm tight (skilled) sound - how I made those - profound - tight wound - cover ground like tornadoes - I don't see how they play those radio selections - headed in the wrong direction - check your (mental) protection (to resist canned music) check me - how I'm mentioning - respect me I'm ventin in the first step in admitting I'm a fiend - not for cream (cash) got a dream to drop 19 hundred track cuisine - hunt rhymes by any means - don't read junk magazines - they racist and I hate it - separate like pickin teams - shoot for me - salutes be - ways I blaze the truth I see - straight casually - ask for the beat's hand to marry me - the beat be talkin to me sayin take me home and carry me - I got a girl - but I still whirl like Tsunamis - my canvas is strong I write long like Deuteronomy - still I keep it deep seek to murder the economy - make the poor rich - rich poor - switch the war - I'm not done unless you stunned - don't rest I gotta run - put up a track - I'm back - writing's like my crack - I attack armed with notebooks - the harm wrote my hooks - how long can I go I need 12 step meetings - my addiction so strong - flow chose to keep proceeding - hide the clock stop the flow of time to give us what we needin

I see these wanna be gangstas - I added up factors - these actors can't win (succeed) like they played for the (Toronto) Raptors - yeah cause money ain't success - Einstein quotes'll tell you that - you a joke your rhymes is broke plus you lack - yo loop the beat rope it back - no joke with my attack - I'm off the wall - assault gall I assert for the cause - cause my plans made a band aid for my hurt with the gauze - I leave 'em awestruck while I research your flaws 'cause...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Race

Hey man by the way, what are you? 
What I am man? You know how many people ask me that everyday of my life? I'm gonna tell you what I am man - just listen to this

People see my face be askin 'bout my race - leavin me in doubt - mouth with a bad taste - it's not "your" people and "my" people - we all a group like The Beatles - still we got weasels - wanna conquer and divide - want you to have pride - but then on the snide - they don't care about you - and let you suffer - I'm a buffer - exposing stereotypes every time I try to write - wrote a book so you could look and shook it up on the mic - to me we all the same - all real and feel pain - but yo you gotta face - one group's disgrace - enslaving's not legal still people not equal - in the U.S. the people with money - had slaves - when they was freed no fee made up to give aid - we still see people with a similar complexion - just like the old days - raised with no protection livin in the 'hood section - direct - still affecting

It's one race - we got a lot of ethnicities - a lot of facts held back I drop (rhymes) 'cause you missin these - we need to stop the norm of how people conform - I mark other when I fill out close minded forms

We need to have discussions like that first verse but we don't need labeling - that came from the worst inclination of humanity - to divide and conquer - and be about vanity - differences come from groups in isolation - inside we all the same - it's time you started facing - I done my research (on ethnic relations) and it hurts - 'cause things still lurking in their place and I hate labels and assumptions so much - when they ask me what I be - I say nothing - "I'm Human." - that's all you need to know keep it movin' - most people not 100% of nothin anyway - you could find you got a mixed lineage (family) any day - they ask me if I'm Black, White, Mixed, or Hispanic (and many more) - react on the mic - fix it like a mechanic - tell 'em "Don't tell me who to be or what I can do." - live life like Vin Diesel and people with a clue